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Wednesday21 February 2018



Just like before, Golden Climate 2016 will be organized along 2 levels, the Senior Level and Junior Level. We are doing this to allow students to compete according to the level of intellect determined by their ages. Also in the interest of promoting learning, we want the more mature students to focus on the specific areas of passion or interest and specialize in those areas.

A. Senior Level (Ages 15-19)

Senior Level is for students who want to explore their passions in specific subject areas. Projects in the senior level can be under the following 5 categories;

1.       Energy

Projects under the energy category may involve energy in one way or the other. READ MORE...

 2.       Engineering

These are projects that will touch on any branch of the vast  engineering fields, namely Bio-Engineering, Civil Engineering & Construction Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Material Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, and Thermodynamics. READ MORE...


3.       Environment

The Environment is important to us in uncountable ways. This makes it necessary for human beings to take measures towards the protection of the environment. All projects in the environment category should have the environment as the point of focus for all the ideas put across. READ MORE...


4.       Environmental Design

The idea here is “designing for the environment” i.e. formulating designs in architecture, interior design, landscaping and other areas in a manner that integrates those designs to policies and laws that put various environmental aspects into consideration. READ MORE...

 5.       Agriculture

Projects under this category are those dedicated to issues related to agriculture, projects that give insight into issues related to food production and food security in Africa and the rest of the world. READ MORE...



B. Junior Level (Ages 11-14)

This level is for young students in primary/elementary school and aims to encourage them to have an interest in science, especially areas of science that revolve around environment. Projects in this level are not grouped into categories, and participants are free to explore whichever areas they wish. READ MORE...

Golden Climate reserves the right to reassign the category of a project from the original one chosen by the participant in order to ensure uniformity, balance and an even distribution of projects across all categories.