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Wednesday21 February 2018

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SCALE: 1 = Poor;   2 = Fair;   3 = Good;    4 = Very Good;    5 = Excellent.
Each sub-item is evaluated out of 5
1.Quality of the Literature Review
a)Is the student aware of other approaches or theories concerning the project?
b)Is the student familiar with the scientific literature in the field in which the work was done?
c)Is the solution different from current known solutions?

2.Quality of Skills and Data Management
a)Are the data properly recorded in accordance with the research conducted, digitally or in hard copy?
b)Is the number of data points/samples sufficient to support a conclusion?
c)Does the research require high skills and a significant investment of time?

3.Quality of Scientific Method
a)Is there a procedure or plan for reaching a solution?
b)Are the variables clearly recognized and defined?
c)If control samples were necessary, was there a recognition of their need, and were they correctly used?

4.Quality of the Solution (Innovation)
a)Does the solution address the problem directly?
b)Does the solution lead to an application?
c)Is the solution unique to the student’s country?

5.Quality of Oral Presentation
a)Does the presenter communicate the relevance or importance of the research/project?
b)Does the presenter answer questions appropriately and show enthusiasm about the topic?
c)Is the oral summary clear and concise?                                                                                              

6.Quality of Poster Organization and Content
a)Are the graphs, the figures, and the font clear and reasonably sized for reading?
b)Is the poster well organized (coherent, logical) and self-explanatory?
c)Are the problem, objectives, the results and discussions clearly stated and well described with graphics and/or charts?
TOTAL____ /90